Quotes About Voting Problems

These quotes show you how far we’ve come:

“Whoever does it, I think, will be making history,” Bartlett said. “This is certainly the wave of the future.”North Carolina State Board of Elections Executive Director Gary Bartlett talking about the search for cities or counties to participate in NC’s the Instant Runoff Pilot Program. April 1,2007 Rocky Mt. Telegram or Alternative link

“This is not a ballot, this is a portal into hell.” — Asheville City Council member Carl Mumpower on instant-runoff ballots, in ”Votes and Slopes,” May 16, 2007 

“There are always glitches” – Deputy Director for Administration of the N.C. BOE  Johnnie McLean – November 4, 2004  Story

“NC has the worst election problem in the country right now.” — Computer scientist Dr. David L. Dill of Stanford University, about the votes lost in Carteret County. November 11, 2004.

“A Florida-style nightmare has unfolded in North Carolina in the days since Election Day, with thousands of votes missing and the outcome of two statewide races still up in the air.”AP Newswire, Nov 13

“Except for the lost votes in Carteret County, Gary Bartlett, executive director of the North Carolina State Board of Elections, called the problems‘easily remedied and lessons learned.‘ “ AP Newswire, Nov 13

“I did not know that I was responsible for counting votes.” Sandra Page, Gaston County Director of Elections, November 23 Charlotte Observer

“It seems like every jurisdiction that has purchased (DREs) loves them,” Bartlett said. “The optical scan is old technology, and there are more issues with it, like not following ballot instructions, residual votes and a host of other issues.” North Carolina State Board of Elections Executive Director Gary Bartlett, Daily News  July 26,2004

436 votes irretrievably lost in 2002 in North Carolina
4,532 votes irretrievably lost in 2004 in North Carolina.
When will they learn? Joyce McCloy, Coordinator for the N.C. Coalition for Verified Voting   



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