New: Fake Voter Registration Letter in Florida Misleads Voters

Bill Bucolo in Florida received a phony voter registration letter. The purpose of this letter was to confuse voters, not cage them, as the envelope did not say “do not forward”. The forms can cause problems for the voter if he follows the instructions. The mailers also incorrectly tell voters that in Florida senior citizens do not have to present ID at the polls.

The Obama campaign will have to take action themselves, no one else is going to act swiftly enough. They MUST launch a vigorous phone call campaign to counter the mis-information that is being mass mailed to voters in Florida. We can’t wait for Rep Conyers to launch an investigation that will go nowhere. When we had misleading robo calls in North Carolina during the primary, the Obama campaign set the record straight by giving many voters correct information by phone. The Obama calls prevented the fake robo calls from working. *

Here is Bill’s email sent far and wide:

Subject: Tell me- did you get a fake vote registration letter too?

My Friends (as John McCain would say), I just received a genuine collector’s item… one of the phony voter registration letters the GOP is sending to hundreds of thousands of voters throughout the swing states. See it below.

Let me know if you got one too.

The cheaters who send these want to trick people into screwing up their status with local Supervisors of Elections (images attached). With the encouragement of our Republican owned Secretary of State Kurt Browning, most of these SOEs would probably be only too happy to knock you or me off their books should we make a mistake on the form… or provide information a little differently from what they now have.

My letter supposed to come from the “Department of Children and Families,” and was mailed to me with an E middle initial… mine’s an F. It was mailed out of the Miami Cuban-Republican stronghold of Hialeah, FL. It arrived in a somewhat official looking slightly oversized window envelope with an official looking return address with the word “Circuit,” and the letters DCF.
In addition to a wrong initial in my name… enough to knock me off the polls if anyone sends it in, much less me, the poorly copied registration form also says I don’t have to show an ID if I’m over 65. (that part was real clear). I’m pretty sure that’s not true also. I believe everyone has to show ID if they appear at the polls… but of course I went to the state’s Election’s web site and the link to those rules comes up black… a convenient “glitch.”

But of course voters don’t need to show any ID if they just mail their ballots in. That’s another illogical rationale of the ID law. If I were going to be a phony voter with a slightly different name than the SOE has on their records, I’d just vote by mail. Any court that blesses this stupidity has to be complicit in the fraud- and it certainly seems like intent to fraud by the people who foisted this law. What are the odds that judge is a Republican and/or a fool?

Some people think these letters have “do not forward, return to sender” messages which, if returned tell the GOP who to challenge at the polls. Personally I think that’s an unlikely strategy because it’s so labor intensive. I don’t think they have enough people to do that sort of thing effectively. Letting unsuspecting voters screw up their own registration or show up without ID would be far more efficient for these scum.

Now since this is an obvious vote fraud on a state-wide level, any self respecting state law enforcement agency should be onto this immediately… checking out the commercial mail houses to see exactly who the customer is, etc. But no… on local television today Florida Sec’y State Kurt Browning said the state police were overloaded with too many other kinds of criminals to chase. I guess felony vote fraud for a national election comes after whatever else they do. So we can expect the criminals to avoid repercussions for now… but there’s always later. And a lot of us have a long memory.

Just make sure all of you and your friends and family members verify your registration records carefully. It’s a shame most voters won’t, and a real shame that this plan, along with whatever else the cheaters try may, little slice by little slice, cost us the state… and the other states where ID laws are now in effect. For now.

So, the letter’s a keeper for sure because eventually we’re going to nail these slug perpetrators for the treasonous unAmerican vote suppressors and vote thieves that they are. When this wave of vote stealing and fraud is put in the history books for the social sciences classes that will someday be reinstated in our schools, evidence like my letter will surely be an item worth showing off.

One last thing… If the State and National Dems don’t fight this stuff with prominent advertising, multiple news releases, calls and letters to authorities and media, and in the courts with everything they have, they are flat out incompetent fools, and deserve what ever happens with this latest GOP trick.

Copies of the letter portions I described are below.

(Click on this link to see the letter)

# # # # # # # # #

Comment: Activists in Florida say they have determined that this mailer is outdated with incorrect instructions regarding permissible ID’s. (But) Also under some circumstances people over 65 are in fact exempt from needing to show an ID… we trying to figure out if that’s for mail-in ballots or at the polling place. The law seems ambiguous to us so were asking others.

I have sent this to the Brennan Center for Justice asking them for an investigation or clarification of the law. Millions of dollars are being spent on sending these confusing mailers out.

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