Brennan Center: How Bad Is North Carolina’s Ballot Flaw?

Lawrence Norden and Margaret Chen of the Brennan Center for Justice warn about North Carolina’s confusing straight ticket ballot. In 2004, when NC Verified Voting warned the media, activists and voters, the feedback was – surprise. In 2006, we got the same reaction – surprise.
That reaction, combined with NC’s high undervote rate for President (one of the highest undervote rates for President in the US., worse than Florida) says that we need to warn voters each day of early voting and on election day, and we need to re-consider how to approach this voting method and ballots in the future.

North Carolina threw away 92,000 votes for President in 2004, and 75,000 votes for President in 2000.

How Bad is North Carolina’s Ballot Flaw? The Numbers Say, Pretty Bad
By Lawrence Norden & Margaret Chen, Brennan Center for Justice10/21/08

Some of you may have read about North Carolina’s very confusing straight-party voting rules and ballots. If history is any guide, this has the potential to have a huge impact on the outcome of the presidential contest in North Carolina.

… read the full report here

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