Warning NC Student Voters: ARE YOU REALLY REGISTERED TO VOTE? These students weren’t!!!

WARNING! Anyone who wants to vote must check online to make sure they are registered. College Students are at HIGH RISK of not being on the voter rolls. You need to be registered to make your vote count! See the State Board of Elections voter look up . If your name doesn’t show up in the voter rolls, you must go vote early and register to vote. Find your early voting site, and bring 2 pieces of ID.

Read this account in Huffington POst about students at UNC who registered to vote but were not registered:

Students Turned Away from Polls in Wilmington, NC WILMINGTON, N.C. — Students here are reporting being turned away at the polls. Yuna Shin October 28, 2008

The problems mostly seem to concern the fact that on campus students often have seperate mailing and residential addresses. On UNCW’s campus, for example, students reside at a dorm and receive mail at a university Post Office box.

When addresses could not be verified by poll workers, students were turned away. Some students also say that they never received voter registration cards and they could not find their registration status online…. more at the link

TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO CORRECT THIS! NOV 1 is your last chance to register and vote early . Do everything you can to avoid a provisional ballot, as provisionals are not counted on election night and about 30% are rejected.

The Wilmington Star News explains how voters can register and vote during early voting:

College voters face obstacles, but won’t be denied
By Chris Mazzolini Staff Writer
Published: Thursday, October 30, 2008

…Anyone who comes to early voting sites to register and vote must fill out the registration form and show an approved type of identification before casting a ballot.
New voters must provide ID. Even voters with a valid registration card may need to bring ID to the polls.

The state requires new registrants in a county to provide valid ID when registering. If you don’t, voters need to bring one of the aforementioned forms of ID when they come to vote.
If you have problems with your registration, don’t wait until Election Day to deal with it. The best thing to do is to take care of any issues before early voting ends on at 1 p.m. Saturday, Williams said. If you don’t show identification during early voting, you can leave, gather up what you need and come back.

On Election Day, voters who did not provide the required identifying information during registration will either have to show that proof then and there or cast a provisional ballot, which gives a voter until 11 a.m. on Nov. 14 to bring identification documents to the county board of elections.

….read more here

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