US Rep John Lewis cites NC in request for emergency voting for Georgia

US Rep John Lewis cites North Carolina as an example to follow in his plea to the Georgia Secretary of State. We can be proud, and grateful of our state. Thanks go to the unsung heros: our State Board of Elections for approving extra voting hours for Saturday, our 100 Dedicated County Board of Elections for making it happen, and to the hoards of volunteer poll workers. Thanks to all counties that were able to make this work.

U.S. Rep. John Lewis offers to help clear the way for emergency weekend voting
Friday, October 31, 2008, 02:01 PM The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

This from a statement by U.S. Rep. John Lewis this morning, during a state Capitol press conference to discuss those long waits to vote:

“We are requesting that the Secretary of State [Karen Handel] use Florida and North Carolina as an example. We ask that she extend early voting in Georgia through Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We believe the number of poll workers should be increased at polling sites where a large turnout is expected.

“She must increase the number of voter registration machines at locations where there is large turnout, and we are calling on Governor [Sonny] Perdue and Karen Handel to request emergency voting rights pre-clearance from the Department of Justice to clear the path for these changes.

“My office is preparing a letter right now, advising the Attorney General Mukasey of these issues in Georgia and encouraging him to grant emergency pre-clearance, when it is requested.”

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