Instant Runoff Voting Survey in Hendersonville: did you understand it?

There’s an Instant runoff voting in Hendersonville North Carolina, last day to vote is Tuesday November 3rd. The NC Coalition for Verified Voting is doing an informal voter survey on Instant Runoff Voting in Hendersonville. We hope to raise awareness about Instant Runoff Voting in Hendersonville North Carolina. We believe that the informal survey below is a good step in that direction. Could you please share this survey with voters as you see fit? It is also posted on the home page of our website, Thanks, Joyce McCloy, Director, NC Coalition for Verified Voting.


  1. Did you vote on election day, during early voting or absentee by mail?
  2. Did you know that you would be asked to rank choices on the ballot?
  3. Did you understand how to vote?
  4. Were the instructions clear?
  5. Did you like this new ranked choice voting method?
  6. What was source of your voter education about Instant Runoff Voting?
  7. Describe any problems you had in voting.
  8. Did you rank choices?
  9. If you ranked choices, how many did you rank?
  10. Do you understand how instant runoff votes are counted?
  11. Did you know that if your choices are not for the top two candidates, you will not be voting in the “runoff”?
  12. Did you know that your additional choices may go uncounted if there is a winner in the first round of voting?
  13. Do you want all votes, including the additional ranked choices – to be counted and publicly reported, so you can see how much support each candidate received?
  14. Do you prefer traditional one-to-one runoff elections or IRV?May we use your name? (Your name will be kept anonymous if you prefer)

Please email your response to and thank you for helping us.

About us: The North Carolina Coalition for Verified Voting is a grassroots non-partisan organization fighting for clean and verified elections. We study and research the issue of voting to ensure the dignity and integrity of the intention of each voting citizen. The NC Voter Verified Coalition has consistently fought for increasing access, participation and ensuring the voter franchise. Contact Joyce McCloy, Director, N.C. Coalition for Verifiable Voting – phone 336-794-1240

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