Democracy 4 Sale -HuffPo runs internet voting vendor press release as op-ed

Huffington Post runs a internet voting vendor press release as an OpEd – again. This time it is Scytl’s press release. The other time was EveryoneCounts press release as an OpEd.

Sheila ShayonPresident/Founder, Third Eye Media
Posted: July 14, 2010
If internet voting really is a 1.5 billion $ industry, will all of our votes be for sale? [ See Online Voting Company Scytl Raises $9.2 Million “Analysts believe that the public sector market for electronic voting systems is worth approximately $1.5 billion.”

Internet voting is the most dangerous way to run elections and removes the secret ballot.
With internet voting, there’s no way to validate the election and results are open to hackers on a global scale. If votes are lost, then there’s nothing tangible to recount:

Finnish E-Voting Results Annulled By The Supreme Administrative Court
22 April, 2009
[2% of results missing. Scytl was involved.
Finnish EVoting CoE Comparison

Internet voting isn’t accessible to people who do not have easy computer or internet access, so less privileged people are left out.

When Honolulu Hawaii had an internet voting experiment, turnout dropped by 83%!

Low Turnout In Hawaii’s Internet Election

See testimony from leading computer scientist at Verified Voting’s blog on internet voting

Voter Action has some testimony from leading computer scientists about electronic ballot transmission, articles from mainstream media and a sample letter to your legislators.

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